What's Coming Down the Road

In 2015, President Barak Obama signed into law a new five-year surface transportation bill, Fixing American’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act). In its passing, the Fast Act mandated government agencies, such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, to review and study key issues such as the Compliance, Safety, and Accountability Program, the Safety Management System, and detention time.

Further, government agencies such as FMCSA, FHWA, NHTSA and OSHA, each have their own mission statements and agendas. Thus, it can be difficult for professional truck drivers to know what is coming down the road with so many government agencies affecting the trucking industry. Therefore, the OOIDA Foundation would like to provide the Association’s members with easy access to those notices, NPRMs, and final rules by providing direct links to the Federal Register

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Docket No.TitleSummaryDeadline
FMCSA-2010-0027 Hours of Service of Drivers: WestRock, Application for Renewal ExemptionWestRock, formerly known as RockTenn has requested a renewal of its exemption from certain provisions of the HOS requirements for drivers of property-carrying vehicles. WestRock currently holds an exemption for the period April 17, 2014, through April 16, 2019 for 11 shipping department employees and occasional substitute CDL holders who transport paper mill products over a 275–foot stretch of public road between its shipping and receiving locations. WestRock requested an exemption from the 14-hour rule and the requirement for 10 consecutive hours off duty before the start of the workday. The renewal of the exemption would allow these individuals occasionally to drive after the 14th hour after coming on duty and allow them to return to work following eight consecutive hours off-duty. FMCSA requests public comment on WestRock’s application for exemption. 3/25/2019
FMCSA-2019-0056 Hours of Service of Drivers: R.J. Corman Railroad Services, Cranemasters, Inc., and National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association, Inc.FMCSA announces that it has received an application from R.J. Corman Railroad Services, Cranemasters, Inc., (“Companies”) and the National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association, Inc. requesting a limited exemption from the regulatory HOS maximum driving time requirements for drivers of property-carrying vehicles. The applicants request the exemption to enable affected railroad employees, subject to the HOS rule, to respond to an unplanned event that occurs outside of or extends beyond the employee’s normal work hours. FMCSA requests public comment on the Companies’ application for exemption. 4/8/2019
FMCSA-2018-0247 Qualification of Drivers; Employment ApplicationFMCSA is considering changes to the requirement to have prospective drivers complete an employment application. FMCSA requests public comment on the value of and need for this requirement. Comment also is sought on ways the requirement for an employment application could be changed to reduce the associated paperwork burdens for drivers and motor carriers, including but not limited to the complete elimination of the requirement. 5/7/2019
FMCSA-2016-0429 Commercial Driver’s License Standards, Requirements and Penalties; Regulatory GuidanceFMCSA revises certain regulatory guidance concerning the “Commercial Driver’s License Standards; Requirements and Penalties” and “State Compliance with Commercial Driver’s License Program” rules. FMCSA seeks comment specifically on the deletion of 47 FMCSA guidance statements because: the rule is clear and further guidance is not needed; the deleted guidance was unclear; the deleted guidance is duplicative of other guidance statements; or the guidance is obsolete due to rulemakings completed since the guidance was issued. In addition, other guidance statements were revised for clarity and reorganized so that like content is grouped together. While this guidance is effective immediately, FMCSA is also seeking comments on the revisions to this guidance regarding commercial driver’s license standards, requirements, and penalties and may issue additional changes if comments demonstrate a need. It is noted, however, that the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) regulations are not amended. 5/7/2019




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