What's Coming Down the Road

In 2012, President Barak Obama signed into law a new two-year surface transportation bill, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21). In its passing, MAP-21 mandated government agencies, such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, to study and publish new notices of proposed rulemakings (NPRM) involving key issues such as Prohibition of Coercion, Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse, and Electronic Stability Control Systems for Heavy Vehicles.

Further, government agencies such as FMCSA, FHWA, NHTSA and OSHA, each have their own mission statements and agendas. Thus, it can be difficult for professional truck drivers to know what is coming down the road with so many government agencies affecting the trucking industry. Therefore, the OOIDA Foundation would like to provide the Association’s members with easy access to those notices, NPRMs, and final rules by providing direct links to the Federal Register

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Docket No.TitleSummaryDeadline
FMCSA-2017-0243 Hours of Service of Drivers: Application for Exemption; Power and Communication Contractors Association (PCCA)PCCA requests the exemption for all operators of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) in the power and communications construction industry. Construction contractors spend considerable time working off-road on varying jobsites, and a single CMV may have several different drivers over the course of a day, moving the vehicle short distances around the jobsite. Because of the limited time within a workday that their drivers spend driving on public roads, PCCA states that ELD and record of duty status (RODS) requirements for drivers in their industries do not result in a significant safety benefit. PCCA's drivers would remain subject to the standard HOS limits and maintain a paper RODS for HOS compliance. PCCA believes that the exemption, if granted, will achieve a level of safety that is equivalent to, or greater than, the level that would be achieved absent the exemption.10/16/2017
FMCSA-2017-0248 Hours of Service of Drivers; Exemption Applications: YRC Worldwide Inc.FMCSA requests public comment on an application from YRC for an exemption from various provisions of the mandate to use ELDs. YRC is requesting an exemption (1) to allow an alternative ELD phase-in method for fleets using compliant AOBRDs; (2) from the requirement that an ELD automatically record certain data elements upon a duty status change when a driver is not in the vehicle; (3) to allow ELDs to be configured with a special driving mode for yard moves that does not require the driver to re-input yard move status every time the tractor is powered off; and (4) to allow vehicle movements of less than one mile on YRC property by non-CDL YRC drivers to be annotated as "on property - other." 10/19/2017
FMCSA-2016-0341 Rulemaking Procedures UpdateFMCSA proposes to amend its rulemaking procedures by revising the process for preparing and adopting rules, petitions, and direct final rules. Also, the Agency adds new definitions, and makes general administrative corrections throughout its rulemaking procedures. These proposed actions are authorized under the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act and the Administrative Procedure Act (APA). 10/6/2016
FMCSA-2017-0197 Hours of Service of Drivers; Exemption Applications: National Asphalt Pavement Assoication Inc.FMCSA announces that it has received an application from the National Asphalt Pavement Association, (Inc.) (NAPA) requesting exemptions from two requirements of the hours-of-service (HOS) regulations for drivers of certain commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) operated by NAPA members, the 30-minute rest break provision and the requirement that short-haul drivers utilizing the record of duty status (RODS) exception return to their work-reporting location within 12 hours of coming on duty. The first exemption would enable drivers engaged in the transportation of asphalt and related materials to use 30 minutes or more of on-duty “waiting time” to satisfy the requirement for the 30-minute rest break, provided they do not perform any other work during the break. The second exemption would allow these drivers to use the short-haul exception but return to their work-reporting location within 14 hours instead of the usual 12 hours. 10/10/2017



Federal Highway Administration
Docket No.TitleSummaryDeadline
FHWA-2017-0030 Definition of Automobile TransporterThis document requests comments on including non-cargo-carrying tractor-high mount automobile semi-trailer combination in the definition of automobile transporter in the FHWA's guidance. 10/16/2017


Docket No.TitleSummaryDeadline
DOT-OST-2017-0069 Notification of Regulatory ReviewThe DOT is reviewing its existing regulations and other agency actions to evaluate their continued necessity, determine whether they are crafted effectively to solve problems. As part of these reviews, the Department invites the public to provide input on existing rules and other agency actions that are good candidates for repeal, replacement, suspension, or modification including the ELD mandate and NHTSA/EPA's GHG Phase 2 Final Rule. The department may also hold a public meeting to discuss and consider comments from members of the public.11/1/2017
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